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Monthly Archives: May, 2011


If we’re judging a book by its cover, Disconcerting gets top marks. It’s a lovely thing to behold — pocket-sized, yellow, rounded edges, splashed with umbrellas and bound with twine. … Continue reading

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Vapid Kitten

Anyone who ever relished the experience of a handheld, lovingly photocopied fanzine will understand there are some things a screen just won’t bring you. Still, why fight innovation? Issue 4 … Continue reading

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Written in an orange maths book but without the milky odour, Expectations is a sequence of delicate sketches and pastel drawings illustrating lyrics from the Belle & Sebastian song of … Continue reading

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Just A Minor Threat

Just A Minor Threat is a self-published zine delving into writer Holly’s hobbies and interests, with emphasis on hardcore, veganism, comics and art. Featuring a wealth of interviews and essays, … Continue reading

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Enthusiasm is definitely a glass-half-full zine. The Norwich-based publication focuses mostly on the things which make its contributers happiest, such as letter writing, moving to new places and autumn. Written … Continue reading

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Mindless Drawings And Stuff

In keeping with its cheerfully unabashed title, Mindless Drawings And Stuff is a slightly crazed glimpse into someone’s notepad. “This is my madness. . . now it’s yours,” intone the … Continue reading

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Anne is thirty-five years old, a skating referee and the proud custodian of two cats. She loves New England winters and has a dread of board games. But she does … Continue reading

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Girls Get Busy

Put together by a feminist collective, Girls Get Busy encourages readers to be true to themselves rather than soaking up other peoples’ agendas. The zine is packed with drawings, photography, … Continue reading

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Threads And Letters

Threads And Letters is a beautifully decorated venture into “stitching literature and textiles together”. This issue explores the history of buttons and their uses, both functional and kitsch, with a … Continue reading

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Bonuscupped combines wanderlust with a love of DIY and punk, which is, as it turns out, a winning formula. There are tales of dodging bears in Canada, throwing up in … Continue reading

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