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Gag Me With A. . . Issue #7

You always know when a new Gag Me With A. . . has landed. You only have to look at the envelope. Making zines is second nature to Deirdree Prudence, … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Serious Music Publication

Do you find the effort to keep up with music exhausting? Not in a sighing parent, elaborately weary kind of way — just the slow realisation that even if you … Continue reading

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I haven’t reviewed all that many poetry zines on here — it can be difficult to parcel together a neat little write-up when the content is so varied. Poetry anthologies … Continue reading

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Abandoned Property of Ulster

You might already be familiar with The Vacuum, a free arts publication printed in Belfast. Each issue tackles a different topic in depth — whether it’s Waste, Media, Wisdom or … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

Sticking with the travel theme, this weekend the letterbox clattered open with a particularly lovely pair of zines from Thomas Goodwin and Laura Millward. Both illustrators, the pair are in … Continue reading

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6,800 Miles Or 1,000,000 Kilometers

Back during the summer we received a crisp new copy of Jon’s travel zine I Went to China. I Wrote Things Down. By an error of judgement, I started reading … Continue reading

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The Inventory

Abandon Normal Devices is an annual arts festival celebrating digital culture and the ways in which people engage with a rapidly changing technological environment. The festival alternates between Liverpool and … Continue reading

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Lovely Little Nutmegs: Issue 2

Struggled to make it through the summer without Match of the Day at your elbow? Fear not, the second issue of Lovely Little Nutmegs is here. We’ve spent the past … Continue reading

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Super Ghouls

Super Ghouls is a sequence of, at first glance, disconnected images and snippets of text swept together from the psyche of Kieran Gabriel. Carved out eyes are twinned with leaping … Continue reading

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Sing When We’re Fishing

Did I mention that we’ve been building up a stash of football fanzines on the sly?  This loving tribute to Grimsby Town FC was donated by Chris. The team has … Continue reading

May 8, 2012 · Leave a comment

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