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Object Of Dreams

It’s stretching the truth a little to describe Object Of Dreams as a zine. With its hi-octane finish and fashionista credentials, perhaps it’s more of a well-groomed, slickly professional distant cousin. Even so, that same foraging spirit prevails — as well as detailed coverage of Liverpool’s newest venues, exhibitions and gigs, each issue is spilling over with recommendations and small voyages of discovery. Staff writers are dispatched to sip rose tea with Zandra Rhodes and scrutinise what the well-heeled are sporting on the streets of New York (blazers and clean red lines, natch) while local boutiques drape their freshly-pressed, vintage-inspired styles onto local muses/chanteuses such as Candie Payne [pictured]. Despite the magazine’s sartorial leanings it is also keen to engage with the city’s creative underbelly, profiling local artists and musicians and casting a playful eye back to the Liverpool of yore, when nightclub Eric’s ruled the waves, grown men wore frock coats and Courtney Love roamed the back alleys. True story.



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