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Here. In My Head

Can you have purple hair and still be shy? Yes, says writer Catherine Elms, but people will make countless assumptions about your personality. It’s one of many contradictions discussed in Here. In My Head, a perzine exploring issues of feminism, friendship and feeling like an outsider. It’s a bit like getting a long letter from a friend you haven’t seen in a while, only more analytical, engaging with ideas in a frank and forthright style. Anxiety is a major topic, as well as the obstacles it creates and the pressure to suppress nerves in order to fit in. In one anecdote, Catherine talks about attending a confidence workshop where participants have to introduce themselves with the words: “Hi, I’m [Name] and I’m awesome!” Like Catherine, I could hurl at the thought. On a similar note, the ‘Change & Improvement’ issue [pictured] looks at the idea of reinvention, rejecting flashy overnight makeovers in favour of the “certain quiet contentment of improving oneself slowly”. There’s also an insight into Catherine’s growing musical career, which neatly illustrates the ongoing process of self-expression.



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