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Waxxx is Liverpool’s chronicle of debauchery. From a distance it may look like a respectable broadsheet, but appearances can be deceiving — the magazine is a no-holds-barred tour through the city’s shindigs, tearing through the Red Stripe and picking up a honey of a hangover. Expect to see the faces of revellers you recognise on its photo spreads, and perhaps feel a little hollow at the parties you missed out on. Besides the Bacchanalian element, however, there’s also detailed arts/music coverage and interviews, as well as more personal written pieces, such as a veteran account of living in a rat-infested hovel off Smithdown. But one thing I particularly enjoy about Waxxx is its cover art. When floating through the city’s caf├ęs and bars you really can’t fail to spot the magazine’s arresting presence. Issue One, for instance, featured a man clasping a tape deck to his naked flesh. He didn’t look like he was going to play nice.


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