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Lucida Console: Dog Days

“Awoke in my clothes on a hard floor to a small cat meowing in my face. It was wearing a polka dot corset.” So runs Lucida Console‘s Dog Days — a diary of life on the road as seen by Hamish Adams of Cornish band Bangers. It’s a tale of stinking vans, booze and reluctant women, following the fortunes of a troupe of hungover punks as they hop all over Europe. It’s pretty funny too. I read it on a Sunday evening train ride, the theme tune from Antiques Roadshow still ringing in my ears as the Transpennine Express hurtled me towards a bowl of gruel and the ironing. I could only dream of run-ins with the police, and trying to seduce delightful blonde Polish imps. Two days later, I saw the girl from Lemuria reading it at the merch stand. She looked totally absorbed.



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