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Amina: A Zine About A Girl

Back in July we posted about 24 Hour Zine Thing, a project which challenged its participants to create brand new zines at the speed of light. I never doubted that the scheme would produce a fleet of fun, exciting new titles, but Amina is something else. Produced by Dennis from the Netherlands, this is the tale of an enigmatic figure the narrator meets by chance at a party. She’s the kind of girl who cuts phone lines and smashes street lamps for fun. So, ignoring his best friend’s reservations, the narrator decides to go along for the ride, meeting Amina for dates at a laundromat and leaping over pigs for her amusement. This is Dennis’ first zine in English, and it’s filled with lyrical, evocative prose: “It was as if she’d put on a whole apartment over her dress and pulled everything behind her like a train.” We’ll be very keen to swipe some more of his work if we get the chance.

You can even watch a video of how Amina was made:

Amina: A Zine About A Girl



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