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Volthair: 1/4 Life Crisis, Hopefully

1/4 Life Crisis, Hopefully deals with coming out of your teens and trying to figure out what comes next. Written by Kathy Tran, an illustrator from Austin, the zine is a collection of short personal essays dealing with emotional growth and developing as an artist. She speaks frankly about her concerns for the future and how easy it is to fall into a conventional path: “One day you’re going to find yourself with a family and a mid-life crisis. The only thing you’ll be happy about is the insurance that saved your life from a heart attack due to high blood pressure.” Still, as Kathy herself admits, it’s the fear of becoming old and dull which inspires her passion and creativity the most. After some deliberation, she finally reaches the conclusion that maybe turning twenty isn’t so bad after all. Good news for those of us who are starting to find silver threads among the gold.



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