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Just before our relocation to Site Gallery back in August, we put out a call for zines which turned out to be pretty fruitful. As well as current fare we were lucky enough to get hold of some vintage titles dating back way before the blogosphere.  Suitc@se, devoted to the 1990s band Menswear, is one such example. I wasn’t familiar with the band itself, but by the looks of the magazine cuttings pasted into these pages, they once ranked alongside Oasis, Supergrass, Blur and Pulp. How the mighty fall! It’s written in the slightly giddy, tongue-in-cheek style common for that era — not unlike the enthusiasm which once spilled from the pages of Smash Hits. Not to mention the psychologically dubious level of attention to every detail of the band’s existence. You don’t really come across this kind of unbridled obsession with public figures any more; a glance at their Twitter accounts would put paid to that. Still, back to the 1990s. This issue features long rambling interviews, transcripts of radio appearances, tour dates, tips on emulating the band’s style, and the all important Penpals section for hooking up with other Menswear fans. Caution: they may be long married by now. Thanks to Michelle for donating this!


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