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Sheffield Zine Fair

The long-awaited Sheffield Zine Fair was last month, and turned out to be a pretty nice way to pass a Sunday afternoon. I had pictured a clamorous, cattle yard affair, with people cowering behind their stalls locked in an endless cycle of crosswords. Instead I found myself in the cosy environs of Brezza Café, a lovely Italian haunt tucked behind the John Lewis; sipping coffee and thumbing through comics, as well as putting faces to email contacts for the first time. There was a wobbly moment when we realised we didn’t have a tablecloth, but some emergency phoning round saved us from being the dunces of the day. Many thanks to George for bringing the gingham to the table.

We managed to sell lots of zines by the likes of Rob Jackson, Missy Tassles, Moronoid and Hours, and handed out a little bit of Liverpool with free copies of Object of Dreams and Bido Lito.

We also picked up a couple of titles for the library, although with hindsight not many. This came down to a fear of dwindling pound coins and not having enough change to appease the baying crowd queuing up to buy our stock. Still, there’ll be more fairs.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by.

Click the main image for more pictures from the event.


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