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Sowing and Dawning

After a year spent getting to grips with Brooklyn, 24 year old Rick finds himself overcome by nervous energy and the need to break out of the city cycle. Sowing and Dawning is his typewritten elegy to cutting adrift. It begins by describing the intensity of rush hour, and the survival mechanisms honed by New Yorkers to face their environment (specifically, the deep-seated instinct for when traffic lights are about to change). Gradually, however, the zine evolves into a tour diary as Rick and his band travel across the US, playing shows and living life as it comes. The narrative changes from quiet introspection to something more like Beat poetry, focusing on the “gorgeous madness and energy” of people encountered along the way through a haze of beer, wine, Bob Dylan records and campfires. One of the most appealing features of this zine is its scrapbook aesthetic, with tracing paper inserts, fragments of maps, photographs and old magazine cuttings stitched together between dense pages of text.



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