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Time Consuming Analogue Practices

This is the first issue of Time Consuming Analogue Practices, a vibrantly-decorated personal scrapbook with a gooey indie-pop centre. To look at, it’s a cut’n’paste in the traditional mould, put together by Toby as an antidote to the peculiar melancholy of the festive period — with appropriate emphasis on life’s simpler pleasures (peanut butter shakes, owls, books, scrabble). Scratchy drawings, stickers and cats populate the zine’s pages, alongside tales of shy encounters with Jarvis Cocker, and champagne with Mark E. Smith. There are a couple of longer contributions too, such as a piece about the therapeutic value of non-league football, and another which describes the unsettling experience of being male at a Bikini Kill show in 1993. The closing pages offer up a pep talk to all who hold DIY culture close to their hearts.


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