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Cuckoos Wear Black: Richard and Julie’s Story

And now for something a little different. We first glimpsed Steve Butler’s illustrations in The Pasty Anthology when he contributed a story about the dangers of crossing the road to Greggs. On being pressganged for more examples of his work, Steve apologised that he didn’t have any zines on him at the moment. . . then sent us a shiny new copy of his graphic novel instead. Score! Richard and Julie’s Story is a tightly-paced mystery narrative focusing on a young man whose life has suddenly begun to unravel. After his mother’s death, Richard and his partner face the challenge of sorting through all her old papers, comics and photographs — only to find out that the dates don’t add up. Richard’s father, supposedly dead since Richard was three, suddenly doesn’t seem so dead, and Richard is determined to find out why he has been lied to all this time. There follows a gripping adventure as he darts between prison cells and seedy encounters on the quest to piece together his past, the search taking a toll on his sanity. A haunting tale of betrayal and paranoia.



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