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6,800 Miles Or 1,000,000 Kilometers

Back during the summer we received a crisp new copy of Jon’s travel zine I Went to China. I Wrote Things Down. By an error of judgement, I started reading it in the middle of moving house, which meant that somewhere along the way the pair of us got separated and the zine is now back in Birkenhead enjoying a glass of wine with my parents while I sit alone in a Sheffield box room. Luckily for me another volume swiftly followed, this time documenting a month-long road trip around America. Driven by curiosity and an abiding weakness for Mexican food, Jon and his girlfriend Misty conquer 16 states, encountering a real platter of strange and uniquely American (Roswell, Stonehenge II!) landmarks as they go. Naturally, there’s the glitz of casinos, wigwam motels, and the opportunity to sample a “Gut Pak”. The only real disappointment is the realisation that the Californian waves are colder than they should be: “This couldn’t be the same water the Beach Boys were singing about in all those songs?” 

From what I can tell, Jon’s also pretty keen on trades, so if you’d like to swap zines you can reach him on jonwfoster [at] hotmail [dot] com


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