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Gag Me With A. . . Issue #7

You always know when a new Gag Me With A. . . has landed. You only have to look at the envelope. Making zines is second nature to Deirdree Prudence, and she has the kitsch aesthetic nailed, complete with glitter and inky typewritten text. Also, partner-in-crime Steven Purkey joins her on editorial duties this time round. They recently set up Sunflower Gray Productions together, and lately it seems a week doesn’t pass without some pink-stapled mini masterpiece steaming off the press. You should also check out their Pocket Readers series, a set of zine narratives about the likes of Ian Curtis and Sylvia Plath. Did I mention that all of this printed splendour is completely free? Get in touch with Deirdree if you’re interested in picking up a copy.



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