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Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos

les carnetsGrowing up, Robert Gauvinov had a fairly impressive roster of penpals. As a teenager longing for mail, he sent his address to a Communist youth magazine, hopeful that at least one person would write back. Little did he realise that with so few magazines available, Robert’s offer would eagerly seized upon by hundreds of young people who had seen the ad. The resulting correspondence was the start of many friendships, giving him a firsthand insight into what it meant to grow up during the Cold War. This issue of the zine is about digging out all those letters, and recalling the people who wrote them, their various, idiosyncratic handwriting, and trying to trace what happened to them afterwards.

“Slowly I began remembering names of people and small towns around the world that occupied my memory at one point in time. . . Teens from around the globe who exchanged with me their dreams, fears, and details of their typical mundane daily lives.” 


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