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IMGWithout a doubt one of our favourite perzines, Janell’s Disconcerting is a sort of running journal chronicling the trials and tribulations of twenty-something life in Singapore. This time, there are some real changes in the air; where previous issues were often happy-go-lucky and filled with the laidback adventures of student life, #9 sees Janell adjusting, sometimes painfully, to adulthood. She talks about lost friendships, adjusting to a long-term relationship, and, most significantly, embarking on a career path that has changed her lifestyle beyond recognition. As Janell points out, not many art students find themselves working as law enforcement officers. Also, the dream of becoming a master barista (see issue #8) has been woefully dashed: Janell presents us with “The Starbucks Nightmare”, a story about her four days of coffee-shop hell. (Having to memorise the number of syrup squirts per drink turned out to be bittersweet.) But, of course, it’s not all growing pains and blighted ambition  there’s also a lovely chapter about guzzling bubble tea and Bloody Marys in Taipei.



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